Our approach

All of our work is focused on you - the people leading organizations and working at the heart of them. We provide peace of mind, proven processes and road maps to guide you through your particular organizational challenge.

A proven methodology that adapts to your needs

While every engagement is unique and each solution offering has its methodology, we have found the process of Needs Definition, Alignment, Bridging the Gaps, Co-Creating the Road Map and Execution is a winning formula for all of our work.

Define the need

Together we identify the need or opportunity and the challenges you need to solve. We aim to gain a thorough understanding of your organization and your industry working pragmatically and in full collaboration with your team. This step typically involves: 

  • Kick-off meetings and working meetings with key stakeholders
  • Review of all strategic plans
  • Setting the pace for our work together

At the end of this phase, we should have a clear mandate and understanding of the outcomes you would like to achieve.

Align on the vision

In this phase we conduct a thorough review of the current state to develop a clear picture of the existing situation against the needs and outcomes identified in the previous step. Why is this important? We need to ensure there is organizational alignment on the vision prior to developing the strategies to build the gaps. This phase typically includes: 

  • Thorough review of relevant data and available research
  • Competitive review and analysis (when relevant) 
  • Key stakeholder interviews
  • Customer surveys or interviews (when relevant) 
  • Full technology review and assessment

This phase typically ends in a current state presentation that outlines findings, opportunities and challenges that brings a valuable outside perspective and also summarizes the insights across the organization. This step alone tends to be highly valuable to our clients.

Develop a gap analysis

This is where together with you, we assess what will be required to bridge the gap between the "as is" and the "desired state" we've agreed upon. We align on the people, processes and technology requirements, identify dependencies between initiatives and prioritize the investments.

In this phase we typically develop and agree on a set of criteria from which to prioritize projects and initiatives. Good strategy and execution is often about making clear trade offs and choosing what not to do! 

Growth through transformation requires an awareness of the challenges, knowing where you’re starting from and deciding where you want to go!

Build a road map

This is where it gets real!  Our road maps typically cross internal organizational units and look to create synergies across siloes. The road map takes stock of the organization's starting point, existing capabilities, skill set and internal culture but most importantly focuses on outcome vs.technology.

The road map must be specific enough to give direction but have room to grow and give employees flexibility on how they will meet the vision. Important notes: 

  • Depending on the scope of the engagement, the road map can be very definitive in time (a few months) or much longer term with more flexibility build-in.
  • The plan can focus on a single issue or cross the entire organization when required for example in the case of loyalty or customer experience strategies.
  • Our plans are pragmatic in nature and always aligned to the organization's appetite for change and tolerance for risk.

This phase produces a plan with timelines, budgets, resources and specifics on how to implement the strategy.

Execute & engage

This is often where the Differly team differentiates from other consulting firms. We almost always develop long term partnerships with our clients to help execute the plan. Whether we coach the team through the changes or become an extension of your team, we see the plan through to execution.  In this phase we aim to: 

  • Build momentum, look for quick wins and garner support
  • Establish cross functional teams as required
  • Execute the plan or help to coach your team through it
  • Brief the leadership team or board as required (for larger transformation initiatives)
  • Help to monitor results and key performance indicators.

Let us guide you through our proven road mapping process.  

The risk of doing something almost always outweighs the risk of doing nothing!

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Areas of Service

You need to build momentum through the delivery of quick wins. Let us help. We get it. The pace of change is daunting. We thrive on helping leaders uncover the opportunities and tackle the challenges of the digital economy.

Strategic and Innovation Planning

We help organizations address head on the profound changes driven by digital disruption and the always-connected consumer.

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Technology Strategy & Operations

Get clear and unbiased recommendations, with a structured action plan. We apply a business lens to all technology choices and never in a vacuum.

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Loyalty Strategy

Loyalty 2.0 is about relationships and rewarding your brand champions and of coures, finding more like them! We have deep, proven expertise in the art and science of loyalty strategies.

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Go-to-Market Strategic Planning

While the basic principles of Marketing and Sales haven't changed, the operating model of both teams, customer behaviour and the technology stack certainly has! If technologies and customer expectations have changed and evolved faster than your marketing and sales organization, you are not alone! Let us help.

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Differly is a digital transformation consultancy based in Ottawa, Canada. We are seasoned practitioners and strategists with a diverse background in strategic planning, digital strategy, data, IT services and marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty.