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A collection of our latest insights and ideas to help your business grow through transformation.

Free, downloadable resources by Differly

While we don't believe in one size fits all frameworks, we do believe in recreating success with proven methodologies. We will share our learning here with free tools and thought starters. More to come! 

Ebook: Reboot Customer Loyalty

Boost revenue by targeting key customer growth segments


Digital Transformation

Resilience and readiness for the now, the next and the known unknowns.


Ebook: Pause, Pivot and Propel Forward

The 3P's of Business Resilience: As a business leader, learn how to leverage these principles for success and survival, not just now but in the next decade!


Now more than ever, is the time to engage online. We've created ten tips to supercharge your e-commerce strategy.

If your focus has primarily been on your physical bricks and mortar presence, be assured that much of your in person "mojo" can also take place in a an e-commerce store (or via social) in digital format! (No email required for download) 


COLIDE: A framework to approach your digital transformation efforts

Competing in today’s digital-centric and complex business environment requires more than emerging technology. There are a host of key drivers that appear to be colliding but in fact require parallel and systematic investments and management. We’ve developed the COLIDE framework to help organizations think about these key driver


Differly is a digital transformation consultancy based in Ottawa, Canada. We are seasoned practitioners and strategists with a diverse background in strategic planning, digital strategy, data, IT services and marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty.