Loyalty strategy

Loyalty is so much more than points or rewards. Enduring loyalty is about relationships, a deep understanding of your customers' behaviours, needs and motivators. We firmly believe it helping you build relationship and creating relevance by identifying “moments of truth” for customer growth and retention.

Our team brings together in-depth experience and a unique blend of expertise in the loyalty space combing both art and science. Our "Moving the Middle" methodology is a proven approach in achieving profitable, sustainable growth for the business and bringing value to your customers, creating loyal fans. Our philosophy, as in most of our work is to Think big but Start Small by identify low-hanging fruit and generating early wins.

When done right

You will have a deep understanding of your customers' behaviours, needs, wants, motivators. We will interpret data to understand customers, relationships and relevance.

We will identify “moments of truth” for customer growth and retention and achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

How we can help:

  • Developing and Leading Loyalty and Customer Experience Strategies
  • Designing and Developing New Programs
  • Assessing and Redesigning Existing Programs

Common deliverables include:

Current program review and recommendations

Customer segmentation strategy

Program design and financial modeling

Strategic program oversight and ongoing management

Program operational planning, implementation and roll-out

Vendor evaluation and selection

Customer analytics and data strategy

Differly team members have worked with leading brands across various industries: 

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