Innovation or the capability to innovate as an organization has become critical to growth.  The challenge lies not in the shortage of ideas, but in the absence of a process that fosters consistent and dependable innovation. Common barriers such as leadership resistance, silos, resource limitations, and the inability to adapt quickly often impede progress in this area.

Recognizing these challenges, Differly has developed a new model we call Innovation-as-a-Service to shift how organizations approach innovation. We firmly believe that innovation should be the collective effort of every individual within an organization, transcending departmental boundaries and empowering teams to bring their best ideas to the forefront.

Key behaviors that foster a culture of innovation include curiosity, customer obsession, collaboration, comfort with ambiguity, and empowerment. To initiate this culture shift, organizations must clearly define why they want to or must innovation and how it relates to their vision and purpose.  They must identify and overcome barriers, systematically drive behavior change through formal systems, and lead by example from the top.

Differly’s Innovation-as-a-Service takes a tailored approach, assisting organizations in identifying relevant areas for innovation, strategically planning and allocating resources across a portfolio of projects and initiatives, and optimizing their business today while laying the foundation for future growth.

By focusing on fewer ideas and bolder initiatives organizations can begin to transform their innovation processes into a distinctive competitive advantage.

To learn more about Innovation-as-a-Service and how it can transform your organization's innovation capabilities, please download our e-book or simply reach out!

About the author

Scott Nowlan

Bringing almost 30 years of global, multi-industry experience, Scott brings deep operational and strategic leadership experience and management consulting background to his clients. Focusing on digital and organizational transformation, Scott’s work across a variety of industries (wholesale distribution, retail, logistics, public sector, postal to name a few) has helped formulate, lead and facilitate change agendas that has always focused on people – employees and clients – with an eye to improving organizational effectiveness and when applicable, the bottom line. He brings experience in a variety of areas including eCommerce, CRM and the “business side” of technology (defining business needs, requirements, procurement, business implementation, change management etc.).

With two start-ups under his belt in Canada and Australia and 8 years as VP Operations/COO, Scott has had direct responsibility and oversight for several organizational functions including Sales/Marketing, Finance, HR, Legal with strategic and P&L responsibility.

Scott is also a certified Agile Scrum Master and is currently the Chair, Board of Directors for Toronto-based People for Education, an independent, non-partisan, charitable organization working to support and advance public education through research, policy and public engagement.

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