Who we are

We understand how it feels to lead through change in the digital economy. We are deeply committed to you as a leader and to the success of your  transformation efforts. We want to help you minimize risk and maximize success.

We like to think of ourselves as deep thinkers but agile doers.

We often say 1 + 1 = 3 at Differly because we bring together experts in all the domains of digital transformation from data, technology management to marketing, customer experience and operating models. When put together, magic can happen. Think of us as coaches and guides for the new economy and most importantly, an extension of your team.  We care deeply about your challenges and want to help you succeed.

Highly Specialized Knowledge

We aim to bring hard to find expertise in combination. Growth through transformation often requires a blend of unique skill sets.


We have been in your shoes and understand what it takes to get things done. We are pragmatic and hands on.


While we have proven methodologies we don't believe in one size fits all models. We aim to tailor to your needs. Every time.

Human Focused

We thoroughly enjoy what we do and this translates into our culture and the way we interact with clients. We Believe all work should be happy work.

A proven methodology that adapts to your needs

No two digital transformations are alike. Our process can help uncover the biggest opportunities and challenges to tackle first.

1. Define needs

Together we define the organizational need, the challenges and opportunities as well as the outcomes you need to achieve.

2. Alignment

We conduct a thorough review of current state - against the needs and outcomes identified to ensure there is organizational alignment on the "as is" state prior to moving to "desired state".

3. Gap analysis

In this phase we clearly outline the gaps between the current and desired outcomes as well as practical recommendations on how to bridge those gaps. This will typically cover people, process and technology.  

4. Build

In this phase we work hand in hand with your team in building a pragmatic plan and road map to guide the organization through change. This will cover both short term and longer term initiatives. We believe in the power of quick wins to build momentum for longer change.

5. Execute

This is where we differ. We don't provide a plan and move on. How much or little we lean in depends on you. We can coach the team through changes, lead the change for you or a combination of both depending on the project.


Three Key Lenses to Our Work.
Where we start depends on you.

Leadership lens

Perhaps you need help assessing your organization’s digital readiness or defining the challenges and aligning the team around desired outcomes. Perhaps you simply need a partner in making technology choices and managing vendors. Either way, we often start by working with leaders directly.

Organizational lens

Competing in today’s  complex business environment requires more than emerging tech. One must address other performance drivers such as business processes, culture, capabilities or outdated operating models. This lens often gets overlooked. We help you shine a spotlight on the change required.

Strategy & execution lens

We are strategic yet highly pragmatic thinkers. We can help you execute every step of the way. Our team often take on virtual roles within the organization to ensure continued success.

The Differly team

Think of us as coaches and guides for the new economy and most importantly, an extension of your team.  We care deeply about your challenges and want to help you succeed.

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Crash Ups is a community for those that question “what is” and continually think about “what could be”.   For those that might dislike traditional networking but thrive on thoughtful discussions related to the digital economy, disruption, and innovation.


Let us guide you through our proven road mapping process.  The risk of doing something almost always outweighs the risk of doing nothing!

Not sure where to start? A thoughtful conversation is always a good first step.

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Differly is a digital transformation consultancy based in Ottawa, Canada. We are seasoned practitioners and strategists with a diverse background in strategic planning, digital strategy, data, IT services and marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty.