Define the need

Together we identify the need or opportunity and the challenges you need to solve. We aim to gain a thorough understanding of your organization and your industry working pragmatically and in full collaboration with your team. This step typically involves:

  • Meeting with the project team
  • Reviewing organizational strategic plans
  • Setting a work schedule/timeline
  • Aliging on the outcomes you would like to achieve.

Uncover gaps and opportunities

We develop a clear picture of your organization’s current state against the needs and outcomes identified.  Doing this ensures there is organizational alignment on the vision ahead of developing strategies to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. This phase typically includes: 

  • Reviewing relevant data and available research
  • Conducting a competitive review and analysis (when relevant) 
  • Interviewing internal and external stakeholders as well as customers (when relevant)
  • Reviewing and assessing technology and digital strategy, tools and/or data

We provide you with a valuable outside perspective and gap/opportunities analysis that summarizes insights we have gained from across your organization. We discuss what will be required to bridge the gap between the "as is" and the "desired state."  Here, we align on the people, processes and/or technology requirements needed. This is also a time to identify dependencies between initiatives and prioritize investments.

Build a road map

Our road maps cross internal organizational units and create synergies across siloes. It takes stock of the organization's starting point, existing capabilities, skill sets and internal cultures. Most importantly, it focuses on outcomes vs. technology.

We know your road map must be specific enough to give direction, but also have room to grow and give employees flexibility on how they will meet the vision.  Your plan will be pragmatic and aligned with your organization's appetite for change and tolerance for risk.

Engage & execute

This is where the Differly team is different. We believe in partnerships that will help our clients execute their plans. Whether this is by coaching your team through change or becoming an extension of your team helping to oversee, manage or execute projects.

  • Build momentum through early wins but we don’t shy away from the big projects that will provide game-changing value!
  • Establish cross-functional teams as required and build communications or change playbooks
  • Execute certain projects or coach your team through them.
  • Establish metrics to keep track of progress.

The Differly advisors

We firmly believe innovative organizations bring cross-functional teams together with diverse expertise when working to solve problems. We don’t rest on past success, innovation is born out of iteration and we learn from our experiences.  Find out more about our team!

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