Change and Readiness Workshop

We know that 70% of change efforts, particularly those related to technology implementations, fail to achieve their intended outcomes. Our workshops support innovative organizations in driving change while mobilizing others to do the same.

Master Go-to-Market

You already know that many factors must come together to get your product or service into the hands of your ideal customer. But, you may not know how to build a suitable machine before launching new products, entering new markets, or opening new channels.

When you invest in a proper go-to-market strategy, you avoid:

  • Thinking that because you built it, customers will come
  • Wasting valuable resources on doing the wrong things
  • Switching your strategy too often and expecting your team to catch up

We are updating our masterclass for launch in the fall of 2023!


A community for those that question “what is” and continually think about “what could be”.   For those that might dislike traditional networking but thrive on thoughtful discussions related to the digital economy, disruption, and innovation.

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