Innovation is the work of all.

So why do so few organizations succeed in delivering consistent innovation? Innovation rarely fails because of a lack of creativity. It fails due to a lack of discipline. The key is to innovate with a process and a purpose.

Simply put, Innovation is doing something different that creates new value for your organization or your customers. Whether exploring new business models, adopting new technologies, or finding new ways to engage with your customers, leaders must be willing to continuously evolve and innovate.

Interactive Full-day Workshop

Engage in an action-packed session designed as an introduction to innovation strategy with concrete, actionable take-aways.

Personalized Experience

We do our homework and tailor the workshop to your specific organizational needs, your industry and your team’s experience managing innovation.

Comprehensive Playbooks & Worksheets

Access our extensive collection of playbooks crafted from over a decade of work on innovation models, frameworks, and tools. Our resources are designed to empower and guide your journey.

In this workshop, you will:

This workshop equips participants with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to foster a culture of innovation within their organization.

Understand key principles of Innovation Models and Strategy.

Explore shifts and trends within your industry.

Understand the most impactful shifts in technology, including the world of AI and its many sub-disciplines.

Understand the building blocks of innovation and how to establish them within your organization.

Identify the most common barriers to innovation and how to address them.

Innovation cannot occur without structure, dedicated resources and systems that reinforce desired behaviours. Learn how to cultivate those behaviours that enable innovation.

Through hands on exercises, begin to map out specific areas of your business that are ripe for innovation.

Understand the lifecycle of Innovation: Explore frameworks to prioritize, validate and shortlist ideas against customer needs.

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Why innovate?

Societal Impact

Companies adept at innovation significantly benefit society and spur economic growth.
They often prioritize societal and environmental issues in their efforts.
Conversely, non-innovative organizations risk decline, adversely affecting teams, communities and potentially harming entire regions.

Value to Customers

Innovative companies prioritize problem-solving over specific solutions, exploring multiple methods to address customer needs.
They experiment with various small-scale projects, quickly scaling successful ones to outpace competitors.
This approach continuously generates new customer value and regularly identifies unmet needs.

Impact to Teams and Leaders

The only constant is change.  Organizations can help their teams master innovation through experience.
Companies encourage innovation by allowing staff to propose and test ideas within a structured, governed, and measurable framework.
Without structure, status quo is the norm, stifling creativity and conveying a disregard for innovation.
Culture isn’t just what we “see” within an organization, it is what a group does and believes.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Leaders responsible for spearheading innovation in their organizations.
Executive leaders eager to cultivate an innovative culture for competitive advantage.
Strategic Boards seeking to enhance their understanding of innovation strategy and shape their organization's direction.
Our Leading Innovation Workshop is ideally suited for groups of leaders from the same organization. However, it can be customized for Business Associations or Conferences.

Meet Your Instructors

Our workshop is always guided by two experts, each boasting decades of experience across various domains. Our leaders specialize in entrepreneurship, innovation models, leadership, design thinking, startups, scale-ups, go-to-market strategies, and organizational culture.

Tracey Clark
Strategic and Executive Leadership Advisor

Tracey Clark is a prominent entrepreneur with over three decades of diverse experience. She is known for her energy, insights, facilitation skills, and mentoring style.

Isabelle Perreault
CEO & Innovation Strategist

Isabelle is the Founder and CEO of Differly. She developed Differly's Innovation-as-a-Service model to help organizations "unpack" the discipline of innovation and be able to consistently create new value for customers and the business. She brings deep expertise in innovation and business strategy and two decades of go-to-market planning.

Jay Payette
Technology Strategist and Advisor

Jay brings decades of technology strategy expertise combined with business acumen and design thinking to help participants understand the role of technology in the process of innovation.

Jen Batley
Customer Experience and Transformation Strategist

Jennifer’s 25+ year career has been spent transforming global B2B companies seeking to recover, scale, or sustain business advantage.

Kate Burnett
Growth and Innovation Specialist

Kate Burnett is a seasoned operator and executive leader helping organizations navigate growth and innovation in the pursuit of long-term profitability.


Pre-Workshop, 60-Minute Brief
Understand your goals, participants and desired outcomes.
Adapt and Tailor
We will adapt the material to ensure it's relevant to your company and industry. We will add relevant examples where possible. An agenda and material will be sent in advance to prepare the group.
90-Minute Virtual Workshop
Workshops are held live via Teams or Zoom. Material and Worksheets will be delivered immediately after.
(plus tax)
Optional 1:1 Coaching
Five, one-hour coaching sessions with the founder or individual corporate leaders to dig deeper into the material.
(plus tax)

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