Interactive 90-Minute Workshops

Engage in action-packed sessions designed specifically to resonate with your organization's unique challenges. Experience tailor-made content that caters directly to both broad organizational goals and the individual visions of founders.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Dedicate a full hour with our experts, diving deep into your business's specifics. This coaching is perfect for startup founders and leadership figures keen on exploring intricate challenges and crafting custom solutions.

Comprehensive Playbooks & Worksheets

Access our extensive collection of playbooks and models, crafted from over two decades of hands-on experience. Trusted by industry leaders and more than 200 startups since 2019, our resources are designed to empower and guide your business journey.

Startup Playbooks
Master Your Go-to-Market Journey

Equip yourself with the core essentials of a go-to-market strategy, designed to guide you through each critical step.

Brand Strategy Fundamentals

Clarify “who it’s for and what it’s for”: Understand your differentiators vis a vis the competition and how to win in your chosen markets.

Marketing Fundamentals

As a startup, you can’t do it ALL. We will cover the marketing foundations that need to be in place even on a low budget. Ignoring these foundations will mean lost time, resources, and money for your business.

Everyone is Not Your Customer

Focus your attention and prioritize your target markets to win. Why and how to establish target markets and how to size and evaluate them. Key differences between B2B and B2C.

Unlock and Build Your Personal Brand

We'll talk about why CEOs need to be setting the example for the rest of their team with a strong personal brand that champions the company, establishes thought leadership, and leverages the power of networking.

Sales and Business Development for B2B Startups

Focus your efforts with the BANT methodology; how to articulate your value and determine pricing and tips for doing BD calls.

Community Led Growth

Community with a purpose. How to build and structure a safe and inclusive community to increase brand visibility and nurture a strong base of raving fans.

Finding Product-Market Fit

Understanding and achieving PMF is essential to building what your customers want and creating a company with staying power. We will review the stages of PMF and how to accelerate through each stage.

Scaleup Playbooks
Fuel Your Growth Journey

Leverage proven growth accelerators, trusted by hundreds of companies and brands, to propel your business towards scalable success.

Refresh Your Brand, Strengthen Your Positioning

As your company matures, so does your brand. We all need to review our unique value proposition against the competition every few years to determine how best to “win” with our customers and against the competition.

The Content Marketing Flywheel

Learn how to turn your content marketing into a powerful content and lead generation engine that works for you... long after you've hit publish, send or upload.

Sales and Marketing Automation

How to leverage technology while continuing to build meaningful relationships with prospects and customers. By automating key processes at scale, you'll be better positioned grow and close deals.

Growth Marketing

Via pragmatic case studies, learn the fundamentals of growth marketing and how to incorporate it into your tool kit to grow your leads, acquire more customers, and improve your conversion rates.

Beyond "Likes": Building Enduring Customer Loyalty & Retention

An introduction to our “move to the middle” philosophy; identify your highest growth potential segments. How to leverage this information to adapt your customer acquisition and retention plans and accelerate growth.

Understand and Map Your Customer Journey

Customer experience is everyone’s business. In this introductory workshop we walk you through the process of mapping your customer’s main touchpoints and how to uncover bottlenecks and identify your biggest opportunities.

Build Your Innovation Capabilities

Introduction to innovation and why it matters; identify potential barriers to innovation in your organization and the building blocks to innovate with a purpose and a process.

Meet Your Expert Coaches

With collective experience spanning decades, we have mentored and collaborated with numerous scaleups and leading brands, guiding them towards their vision of success.

Erin Blaskie
Brand & Marketing Strategist

Erin Blaskie is a creative growth strategist and marketing advisor with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, go-to-market and customer growth and performance.

Isabelle Perreault
CEO & Innovation Strategist

Isabelle is the Founder and CEO of Differly. She brings deep expertise in business transformation, corporate and business model innovation and decades of go-to-market planning.


Pre-Workshop, 60-Minute Brief
Understand your goals, participants and desired outcomes.
Adapt and Tailor
We will adapt the material to ensure it's relevant to your company and industry. We will add relevant examples where possible. An agenda and material will be sent in advance to prepare the group.
90-Minute Virtual Workshop
Workshops are held live via Teams or Zoom. Material and Worksheets will be delivered immediately after.
(plus tax)
Optional 1:1 Coaching
Five, one-hour coaching sessions with the founder or individual corporate leaders to dig deeper into the material.
(plus tax)

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