Canada’s Logistics Association

Technology Strategy and Options Analysis

Key outcomes

1. Developed an impartial options analysis for the deployment of new technology, specifically a new member management system to replace the current Association Management System (AMS).

2. Developed a technology strategy and road map to outline how technology will support the organizational strategy today and enable CITT’s growth tomorrow.  

3. Developed a new solution architecture that can scale with the organization as well as a governance approach for future technology implementations.  

Differly was hired to work with CITT to develop and document a shared vision across the association for how technology will be leveraged to meet organizational goals, the intended outcomes, and benefits to be gained by members and by the organization. The end goal was to develop a comprehensive road map and options analysis for the deployment of a new member management system.  

Our roles and responsibilities throughout the engagement were to:  

  1. Review and document the current state tech stack, gather, document, and prioritize CITT’s business requirements.
  2. Review and prioritize those requirements through a member and customer-centric lens and allow for the systematic evaluation of multiple solutions.
  3. Build an actionable road map and plan taking into consideration immediate needs such as a member management platform and provide a recommended solutions architecture (combination of platforms), prioritizing the tech toll out, sequencing and budget.
  4. Provide an impact/effort assessment and budget range to help make informed decisions.
  5. Review IT governance (policies, and practices and the capabilities) and suggest a new model for ongoing management.  

Throughout the engagement, Differly became an integral part of the CITT team closely partnered with the project lead to identify key decision points, dependencies, and recommendations.