Canadian Health Food Association

Technology Strategy and Program Management

Key Outcomes
  1. Seamless Migration: Assist CHFA plan a disruption-free transition to new member management system preserving CHFA's operations.

  2. Enhanced Member Engagement: Plan for an optimized member experience and satisfaction through data-driven strategies.
  3. Solution Architecture Planning: Plan and lead the roll out of new technologies enabling future growth.

Differly was entrusted with the vital task of supporting the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) through the transition to a new Member Management System (MMS). Our partnership with CHFA was founded on a deep understanding of the significance of this initiative and the profound impact it aimed to have on the organization and its valued members.

Our roles and responsibilities throughout the engagement were to:  

  1. Provide senior IT Leadership overseeing the overall technology strategy and road map.  
  2. Provide guidance on the development of interim solutions or requirements definition to streamline the existing technology stack into an optimized, connected system.  
  3. Work with the vendor to develop a migration plan and ensure minimal disruption and for CHFA's members and staff.  
  4. Identify, track, and mitigate project issues and risks related to all aspects of the design, development, acceptance, adoption, and usage.  
  5. Prepare documentation and training and implement a knowledge base around the new MMS.  
  6. Maintain an internal project schedule (aligned to vendor schedule) and proactively monitor deliverables and milestones for design, delivery, and roll-out. 
  7. Internal coordination on BETA, testing and launch activity, working closely with the CHFA team.  
  8. Attend and participate in senior management, Board, and staff meetings, as required to update the technology strategy.  

Throughout the engagement, Differly became an integral part of the CHFA team. We engaged in intensive work periods, closely partnered with vendors, and identified key decision points, dependencies, and recommendations. This collaborative effort ensured that CHFA's IT initiatives remained aligned, coordinated, and optimized.