Canadian Paralympic Committee

Technology, Growth & Innovation Strategy

Key Outcomes

1️⃣ Developed a strategic plan with a focus on growth & innovation.

2️⃣ Recommended and implemented a marketing, digital, and member engagement strategy.

3️⃣ Developed a multi-year technology strategy and lead the implementation with Fractional CIO services.

4️⃣ Increased the capacity of the organization through operating model recommendations.

5️⃣ Strengthened the ability of the organization to manage complex streaming and sponsorship commitments.

6️⃣ Provided Fractional Head of Marketing Services to implement a new digital & brand strategy

The Challenge

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) partnered with Differly to build a growth and innovation roadmap.  

We worked with the CPC to identify areas where the organization needed to make strategic shifts related to value creation through digital strategy, content creation and technology optimization.  Differly conducted a gaps & opportunities assessment in several key areas where CPC needed external analysis and viewpoints.  

Our Process

The engagement was conducted through interviews with sponsors and internal teams, a deep dive into strategic and tactical plans, and a review of internal capabilities and capacity. We worked closely with the CPC executive team, who were concurrently conducting a broader strategic plan review with the Board of Directors.

Assessment and Alignment - Digital & Marketing Stream

Our work supporting the CPC across operational, marketing functions was comprehensive and included a thorough review, assessment, and alignment on the following:

💠Content Strategy and Distribution Model Review
We undertook a complete assessment of the content strategy and the effectiveness of reaching the organization's target audience.

💠Digital Channel Strategy Review
We reviewed the digital channel strategy and identified opportunities for fan and stakeholder engagement, as well as collaboration with sponsors and members.

💠Broadcast Agreements Evaluation
We worked with CPC leadership to evaluate current broadcast agreements and determine the best approach to managing complex streaming and sponsorship commitments.

💠Live Streaming vs. On-Demand Analysis
We assessed the value and return on investment of live-streaming sporting events compared to creating on-demand content.

💠Capacity Evaluation
We evaluated CPC's capacity to create original content for digital distribution and assessed capacity in other key areas such as data analytics.

💠Marketing and Digital Plans Review
We conducted a thorough review of CPC’s marketing and digital plans, ensuring alignment with broader organizational goals.

💠Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
We reviewed the current approach to stakeholder engagement and developed strategies for longer-term stewardship to increase revenue and impact.

💠Corporate Sponsorship Models Assessment
We assessed the current corporate sponsorship models, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for co-creating impact with partners using digital channels.

Assessment and Alignment - Technology Stream

We conducted a complete assessment of the organization's use of technology with a focus on people, processes, and tools. Following a detailed review of the current state we provided a details gaps and opportunities assessment to inform the CPC's technology strategy.

Ongoing Support

Following the initial engagement, we were retained to provide senior expertise and oversight in technology planning and marketing strategy, ensuring the CPC's strategic initiatives continued to progress smoothly and steadily through expert implementation of the recommendations outlined in both streams of the project.

Differly's partnership with the Canadian Paralympic Committee has strengthened the organization's digital strategy, content creation capabilities, and overall operational efficiency. This ongoing collaboration has positioned the CPC for sustainable growth and innovation, enhancing its ability to create value and impact through digital and strategic initiatives.

“The team at Differly has been a valuable and collaborative partner in helping us develop a cohesive blueprint for growth and innovation – assessing how to better leverage digital channels, the power of content and storytelling and how to further leverage digital technology for increased impact and value creation with our members, partners and stakeholders.”

- François Robert, Executive Director, Partnerships