The Delphi Group

Integrated Strategic Technology Roadmap

Key Outcomes

1. A complete inventory of required projects needed to bridge the gaps between the current state and the desired future state, prioritized by relative cost and impact.

2. A multi-year roadmap for technology investments in solutions, processes, and people, providing leadership with a clear path to achieve their desired technology outcomes.

3. Detailed project overviews for each core initiative in the roadmap, enabling leadership to execute each step of the roadmap with confidence.

The Challenge

The Delphi Group foresaw the need to address an outdated technology ecosystem that was not going to support the complexity of their growing operations. A complete review of the organization-wide technology strategy was required to identify how people, processes, and solutions could better support their emerging and future needs.

Our Process

Define the Needs, Align on the Vision, and Understand the Gaps & Opportunities

We initiated the process by engaging in detailed discussions with various departments and the leadership team. These conversations ensured that the entire Delphi project team was aligned on perceived gaps and opportunities, providing a thorough understanding of Delphi's current state and future aspirations.

We conducted a complete inventory of existing systems, analyzing data flow between systems, current and desired access levels, vendor relationships, and integration points. This critical step allowed us to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Additionally, we reviewed Delphi's current technology and data governance policies, processes, and practices. This assessment highlighted areas where governance could be strengthened to better support the organization's goals.

By aligning business requirements with a complete picture of the current state of technology services and governance, we developed a comprehensive Gaps and Opportunities assessment with recommended actions. This assessment informed the strategic direction and immediate next steps for Delphi. We confirmed and prioritized the business requirements and outcomes that the technology roadmap needed to address, ensuring all requirements were met with a combination of current gaps and projects designed to resolve them.

Build a Multi-Year Roadmap

We finalized a comprehensive Multi-Year Roadmap, providing Delphi’s leadership team with a clear blueprint for planning resources and budgets. This roadmap identified dependencies, prioritized efforts at both project and solution levels, and highlighted 'quick wins' for immediate focus.

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Execute with Detailed Project Overviews

For each core project in the technology roadmap we provided detailed summaries of the objectives, key outcomes, dependencies, outputs, and risks. We also assessed the level of effort and resources required to execute each project. Lastly, for each project we provided a recommended timeline of execution activities. These project overviews serve as the leadership's manual to successfully implementing the roadmap across the several years of scheduled initiatives.