National Association of Federal Retirees

Digital communications, Member Engagement, and Innovation Road Map

Key outcomes
  1. Member engagement strategy further leveraging digital channels.
  2. Data-driven analysis of prospective membership and strategy for continued growth.  
  3. Review of the unique value proposition against member needs.  
  4. Assessment of the current website and effectiveness in delivering value to the organization and its members.  
  5. A strategic plan for growth with immediate, medium and longer-term initiatives.  

The Differly team was retained to develop a comprehensive review of current strategies and tactics at the Association looking for opportunities for innovation with a particular focus on digital communication, member engagement and growth.  

The association was looking for a partner with proven experience with member-based organizations, one who understood the impact of digital and online channels on value creation and impact. The objectives of this project were to:   

  1. Increase the Association’s brand awareness and brand-building activities, as well as its ability to attract and recruit a slightly younger demographic. 
  2. Provide recommendations on ways to build a more predictable funnel. 
  3. Assess and look for opportunities to improve the overall value proposition, strengthening member loyalty and retention and ultimately supporting revenue growth 
  4. Identifying opportunities to further leverage digital communications and marketing methodologies to meet strategic goals 
  5. Identifying and evaluating opportunities for growth and innovation 
  6. Assessing if the organization’s capabilities to consistently execute and deliver digitally enabled strategies 
  7. Assess and recommend how the association could further leverage data in decision-making.  

The work involved:  

  1. A thorough review of member composition and data as well as the potential for growth in other segments
  2. Review of the Association’s unique value proposition in the context of potential future growth
  3. Assessing the current website for its effectiveness in supporting the organization and member needs
  4. A review of the current member engagement strategy via digital channels and recommendations on increased personalization and segmentation.  
  5. This resulted in a comprehensive road map outlining immediate, medium-term, and longer-term initiatives.  


Differly was a wonderful partner in helping us uncover new growth opportunities. They delivered a comprehensive yet pragmatic digital and member engagement roadmap, helping us determine which areas of innovation would be most impactful to the organization. 

Angela Johnston, Content Management Officer, National Association of Federal Retirees