Canada Soccer

Digital and Technology Road Map, Fractional CIO

Key Outcomes

1. A new national data registry and data warehouse supporting FIFA reporting requirements and enabling new data analytics.

2. The development of a new IT management approach leading to significant cost efficiencies and reduction of shadow IT.

3. Development of a new cybersecurity strategy and improved cybersecurity resilience.

4. Deployment of new key platforms supporting growth and innovation, including a new eLearning platform, a new website CMS, the development of an e-sports strategy, and an analytics strategy.

The Challenge

The Differly team was initially retained by Canada Soccer to develop a comprehensive technology and digital roadmap. Canada Soccer was anticipating several large organizational shifts, including the need for a new enterprise-level website and infrastructure, a full information management strategy, and a new enterprise data hub to manage all soccer member, coach, and fan data.

Canada Soccer, like many national sporting federations, faced challenges in managing a growing technology stack, member management data, and rapidly changing fan expectations.

Some core challenges included:

Shadow IT Footprint
Software-as-a-Service products were causing inefficient technology spending, security and privacy risks, and incompatible data.

International Data Standards
International partners, such as FIFA, had increasing demands to support and integrate with new data interchange standards.

Fan Engagement
Fans increasingly wanted to stream large quantities of high-quality video content to desktop and mobile devices.

Digital Platform Engagement
There was a growing need to engage with fans and partners on an expanding list of digital platforms, requiring thoughtful content planning.

Our Process

Technology and Digital Infrastructure Gap Analysis

Differly conducted a systematic review of IT and digital infrastructure, starting with a thorough current state assessment and needs analysis.

Through document review and interviews with leadership and key team members we aligned on a shared understanding of the current and future needs of the organization and the gaps between the current state and that desired future state.

We provided a detailed analysis of these gaps to provide a complete inventory of initiatives that would be required for the organization to meet its objectives.

Strategic Technology and Digital Roadmap

Following the identification of gaps we developed a multi-year strategic roadmap for the technology and digital strategies. These roadmaps allowed the organization to plan budgeting needs, capacity, and required resources. This enabled leadership to work from a list of prioritized initiatives to ensure that the optimal sequence was followed with dependencies and enablers executed at the correct time.

Implementation and Oversight

We were retained to implement and oversee the roadmap, assuming Fractional CIO responsibilities. This work involved:

💠National Registry System and Data Warehouse
We developed a detailed information management strategy and business requirements, leading to a vendor selection process and the deployment of a national registry system and data warehouse to support FIFA reporting requirements and enabling new data analytics.

💠Content Strategy
We developed a new video-driven content strategy across multiple platforms.

💠IT Management Approach
We implemented a new IT management approach, leading to significant cost efficiencies and reduction of shadow IT.

💠Cybersecurity Strategy
We developed a new cybersecurity strategy and improved the organization's cybersecurity posture.

💠eLearning Platform
We selected and launched a corporate eLearning platform for Coach Education.

💠eSports Strategy
We developed an eSports strategy.

Ongoing Partnership

Differly's partnership with Canada Soccer has strengthened the organization's digital strategy, technology infrastructure, and overall operational efficiency.

This ongoing collaboration has positioned Canada Soccer for sustainable growth and innovation, enhancing its ability to manage data, engage with fans, and meet international standards, driving ongoing success for the organization.