VG Meats

Digital Adoption Plan (as part of the Canada Digital Adoption Program)

Key Outcomes
  1. Clear roadmap for technology adoption aligned with business goals.

  2. Plan for how to streamline operations and data for enhanced efficiency.
  3. Recommendations on Digital tools and platform to support growth.

Differly was chosen by VG Meats to help develop their digital and technology strategy.  The work involved:  

  1. Establishing a shared understanding of how technology would align with VG Meats' business goals and impact its operations.  
  2. Conducted a current State and Gap Analysis to evaluate the operating model, technology platforms, integration, customer service, and risks associated with the status quo.
  3. Developed recommendations and a pragmatic Digital Adoption Plan outlining activities to bridge identified gaps in people, processes, and technology, all aligned with VG Meats' business objectives.  
  4. Recommendations spanned tools, data utilization, digital marketing, customer experience, and operational enhancements, with clear implementation guidance and impact assessments.

The plan provides a blueprint outlining how technology and digital platforms can be leveraged to optimize operations and increase competitive advantage.