Ever wonder how some companies always seem "ahead of the curve"? There isn't a secret sauce to innovation, available to the chosen few or a magical, mysterious process. But it's also not easy.

It requires a thoughtful process for working together as a team to think up, develop, test, and launch the most promising ideas/initiatives/products that will create new value for your customers and the organization. We're not just chasing after the newest tech or product features.

We're choosing the best ideas that will give us an edge over the competition and aligned to our strategy.

To help organizations develop this discipline, we’ve launched: Innovation-as-a-Service! 🚀

It's a model that helps leaders build a reliable and repeatable culture of innovation and a balanced portfolio of projects to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Think of it like a tailor-made suit for your business, helping you make the best use of your resources to create short-term gains while helping to evaluate those longer-term bets that will fuel growth.

About the author

Isabelle Perreault

Isabelle is the Founder and CEO of Differly. She has spent her career helping business leaders understand the major drivers of change and helping them survive and thrive in a digital economy. She brings deep expertise in business transformation, corporate and business model innovation and go-to-market planning.

For over 20 years, she has been helping leaders in a wide variety of sectors develop and deploy human-centric, tech-enabled growth strategies. Passionate about entrepreneurship she also serves as a business coach to Startups with several incubators. Prior to launching Differly, she led one of the first Digital Transformation Practices in Canada and was head of Digital Strategy and Marketing for the Ottawa Senators, NHL Hockey Club. Isabelle is Chair of the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau Foundation and a champion for women entrepreneurs.

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