Differly services

You need to build momentum through the delivery of quick wins. Let us help. We get it. The pace of change is daunting. We thrive on helping leaders uncover the opportunities and tackle the challenges of the digital economy.

Here are some of the ways we can help

Strategic and Innovation Planning

Digital transformation is fundamentally about how your business responds to digital trends that are occurring whether or not you initiated them, like them, or want them. This was the root passion for the launch of Differly.

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Technology Strategy & Operations

Get clear and unbiased recommendations, with a structured action plan.

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Loyalty Strategy

Loyalty is so much more than points or rewards. Enduring loyalty is about relationships, a deep understanding of your customers' behaviours, needs and motivators. We firmly believe it helping you build relationship and creating relevance by identifying “moments of truth” for customer growth and retention.

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Go-to-Market Strategic Planning

While the basic principles of Marketing and Sales haven't changed, the operating model of both teams, customer behaviour and the technology stack certainly has! If technologies and customer expectations have changed and evolved faster than your marketing and sales organization, you are not alone! Let us help.

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Differly is a digital transformation consultancy based in Ottawa, Canada. We are seasoned practitioners and strategists with a diverse background in strategic planning, digital strategy, data, IT services and marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty.