We believe in building momentum through the delivery of quick wins. 

This often starts by convening the organization around a common vision and overcoming resistance to change.


The Leadership Lens


Leaders must be able to articulate the value of digital technology to the organization’s future. We work with you to assess current state, define the challenge and align the team around desired outcomes. 

We help leadership teams to:

  • Frame the problem and define what success looks like.
  • Work through functional silos to find opportunities across the organization
  • Assess the gaps between desired state and current state
  • Brief the Board or Senior Leadership Team
  • Develop and communicate the story internally
  • Hold strategy sessions or workshops

The Organizational Lens


We help organizations avoid the gravitational pull of old processes and outdated methodologies, in part by helping you signal that change is not only wanted but welcomed and celebrated.  The perceived benefits of the change must outweigh the benefits of the status quo.

We assist leaders in:

  • Building cross-functional teams and mandates
  • Building new governance or operating models; assessing skill sets and roles
  • Establishing centres of excellence
  • Conducting workshops, hackathons, coaching sessions
  • Evaluating current processes; establishing agile principles (adopting fast over perfect)
  • Establishing clear goals and KPIs related to the digital, IT or transformation program

The Strategy and Execution Lens


Although we firmly believe in the need for a BIG and BOLD vision, we know by experience that effective transformation starts with pilots that pay off in weeks or months, quickly followed by a plan to tackle the next big priorities, and finally a comprehensive program for building long-term capabilities.

Services include:

  • Enterprise digital strategy planning, advisory services and road maps
  • Enterprise IT architecture planning, advisory services and road maps
  • Virtual CIO, CDO, UX services
  • Customer and member engagement strategies
  • Customer journey mapping and touchpoint mapping
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Channel strategies (Website, email, social, mobile)
  • Data audits and strategies
  • Analytics road map
  • Workshops and coaching

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